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FusionPolis Project
  Main Contractor : Shimizu Corporation
  Building Height : >120m, Typical Floor Height = 4.5m
Project Details : Commercial Building, 2 Blocks x 22-24 storeys,       3 Tower Cores
  Floor Cycle : 6-8 days
  System : RailCore, Hydraulic Self-Climbed
  Period : 2005
Location : Singapore
  Photo Reference : Click on the images below to view a larger-sized image

The first of its kind structure in Singapore, FusionPolis is a 22-24 storey commercial ICT building consisting of a steel structure framework, supported by 3 large tower cores.

Designed by world renowed architect Kisho Kurokawa and built by the one of the world's largest construction company, Shimizu Corporation, FusionPolis employs a super column construction method which has Steel megatrusses/beams which are embedded into the cores (at 4 levels of the whole building) which in turn supports the below 4/5 slab levels of the building through the super columns.

One of the challenges of this project was to construct the tower cores in advance with a projected 6-7 days cycle, in view of the extremely tight construction period. Crane utilization was always full due to the massive amount of steel works required.

Ehub was selected to provide a comprehensive self-climbing wall forming solution that can meet with the desired cycle with the limited amount of manpower and machinery.  One key challenge was to overcome and slide past the protruded steel trusses at the megatruss levels. Reinforcement works were also very congested due to the large amount of loads transferred into these tower cores.

Our solution was to apply our RailCore solution with extremely large span units (spanning max. 9.2m x 17m high), raised by our hydraulic systems. Over 4200sqm of formwork was utilized for all 3 cores with just 115 platform units. With large span units, less resetting times & manpower were then required.

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