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The efficient 'Drag-n-Drop' RailClimbing Wall Formwork System

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RAILFORM, is the perfect solution that will efficiently solve your wallforming problems.

Having all the features of ‘Drag-n-Drop’, RailForm incorporates wall forming capabilities while ensuring a safe, user-friendly and reliable work environment.

The robust system comes with a top platform for concreting and facilitates re-bar works while having a lower platform for you to execute your finishing trades early.

Suited for the most demanding tasks, RailForm can span up to a maximum of 9.0m in length and comes in 3 variations (Single-Sided, Double-Sided or Through Slab). Formwork of any type is hanged and can be rolled back by 750mm away from the wall easily.

The complete unit can be climbed either by crane or self-climbed by hydraulics.

With 'Drag-n-Drop', resetting is simply so easy, safe & quick! Units are dragged up to the next floor level together with the formwork in just under 2 minutes!

For more information about this system, please contact us.

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