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The Revolutionary yet Simple 'Drag-n-Drop' RailClimbing Access Scaffold System

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RAILSCAF introduces a new concept in access scaffold solution. It is an ingenious, modular system which needs only a one-time assembly, that effectively encloses the constructing & lower levels during construction.

The system is one which utilizes a patented 'Drag-n-Drop' concept and provides excellent working access & facilitates finishing trades safely.

Designed to follow the perimeter of the building, RAILSCAF is unique as it is meant to be dragged up along its posts, being guided effortlessly to the next vertical position.

With 'Drag-n-Drop', resetting is simply so easy, safe & quick! RAILSCAF is designed so that it cannot be displaced from the rail brackets during lifting operations. Units are dragged up to the next floor level in just under 2 minutes!

Choose from 3, 4 or even 5 platforms to complete your constructing & finishing works on time.

With its huge units of up to 10.0m in length, flexible con-figurations, faster resetting time, safer working methods, RAILSCAF gives you quantum savings.

The complete unit can be climbed either by crane or self-climbed by hydraulics.

You win with savings in setup & dismantling time, faster crane & manpower turn-around & site maintenance cost.

For more information about this system, please contact us.

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