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Uber's combination of proprietary thermoplastic plastic surface with wood core and fused plastic edging increases the lifespan as compared to a plywood and enhances users experience in concrete shuttering which reduces the overall costs of ownership.

Their Impact & abrasion resistant surface resists hard & concrete vibrator knocks and the board debonds from concrete extremely easy due to specially formulated non-stick surface & easy to strip formwork - very little formoil is required

  • Extremely easy for formwork stripping without much use of formoil
  • Excellent concrete finish & surface
  • Repeated use to reduce cost of shuttering
  • Easy to clean and maintain with use of pressure water jet
  • Repairable surface for enhanced lifespan
  • Weldable surface to produce large area sheets
  • All round fused with plastic edge protection

Plasply Models

  • Mono - Single Sided thermoplastic surface

  • Lite - Double Sided thermoplastic surface

  • Xtra - Double Sided thermoplastic surface with higher scratch resistance

  • Plus - Double Sided Heavy Duty thermoplastic surface with higher           scratch resistance  


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