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About our Patented ‘Drag-n-Drop’ Climbing Scaffold Technology

Key Benefits

Our climbing technology brings to you minimized complexity of use, can achieve tremendously fast resetting times and a choice of being crane-dependant or independent . While being safe to use, your cost of ownership is reduced significantly.

Extremely Fast Resetting Times

All systems use our innovative & patented ‘Drag-n-Drop’ Concept, where the climbing units are never detached from the building structure during lifting. In one lift, they are ‘dragged’ up in any weather conditions, achieving as fast as 2 minutes per unit without any additional work involved.

Click on the following images to view a larger representation about the ‘Drag-n-Drop’ Concept:

Modular Components

Modular components are pre-assembled prior installation and can be shared among all systems to reduce complexity, wastages and lost parts.

Click on the following images to view a larger representation of modular components:

Flexible Unit Configurations

Units are scalable and very flexible adjustments can be made at 150mm steps in length and 100mm steps in height. Standard applications can allow for up to 10m long x 12m height.


Being engineered for structures up to 200m in height with high factors of safety according to international standards, with in-built platforms and guard railing, all parts are hot-dipped galvanized and additional loads, alterations, extensions can be made to you easily with an ease of mind. Click on the following images to view a larger representation of guardrails and endrails:


Crane Dependent or Crane In-Dependent


Spread your choice between crane of hydraulic assisted lifting techniques.

Our novel crane lifting technique can reduce the crane capacity by up to 75% i.e. 6 tons unit weight will require 1.5 tons lifting capacity. Thus enable you to have large spans units without having large cranes on site.

Alternatively, you can choose using our cost-effective hydraulic climbing solution where you can self-climb without any crane assistance.

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