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  Main Contractor : Shimizu Corporation
  Building Height : >130m, Typical Floor Height = 3.1m
  Floor Cycle : 8 days
Project Details : Residential Building, 3 Blocks x 43 storeys
  System : RailScaf & RailScreen, Crane Climbed
  Period : 2007
  Location : Singapore
  Photo Reference : Click on the images below to view a larger-sized image

Featuring 3 blks of 43 sty apartment buildings (545 apartment units), the RiverGate project has a bold and unique architectural design which employs a cast-in-situ construction method with a 8 days planned floor cycle. 

Because it was designed to be different, one of the main challenges of the project was to construct the complex façade which consists of varying length and extensions of bay windows, planter boxes, balconies & ledges. The balconies extends from the building line from 1.50m to 2.40m and at certain floor levels, the balconies are replaced by planter boxes which extends up to 0.90m.  

Shimizu decided against using a pre-cast method due to the non-typical façade elements and hence, the in-situ method which was formed by man-handled aluminum paneled formwork.  

Such a method requires an enclosed perimeter scaffolding system, allowing the related tradesmen to access and work safely on the outside of the building. However, such scaffold systems has to overcome the alternating & protruding facades at the different floor levels and also to keep up with the floor cycle.  

Due to inherent safety issues on traditional scaffold frame systems and the tight labor conditions, ehub’s patented RailScaf (Rail-Climbing scaffold system) & RailScreen was considered and chosen to surround and fully enclose along the building perimeter.  

Due to the flexible nature of the RailScaf system, platform extensions could be easily incorporated into the system and hence solving protruding façade elements. The platforms were designed to be retracted when a façade element appeared and closed when it becomes nonexistent. Casting of the 2.4m extended balcony poised to be another hurdle when there was no support at the lower floor level. Thus, Ehub designed for a special platform which would support the RailScaf system as well as to support the concrete casting of the balconies segments.  

In all, a 190 modular RailScaf units varying from 1.5m to 6.0m long were in use for all 3 blocks. A gang of 15 workers could assemble & install 4-5 RailScaf units a day. Each  unit were climbed to the next level safely that required 2 men and consumed less than 5 minutes of crane time.


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